• Weird Movies

    She Freak

    This 1967 ultra low-budget movie directed by Byron Mabe is an exercise in how not to build tension and how best to ride the open road of silliness. Claire Brenen stars as Jane Cochran, a small-town waitress looking for some adventure. When the carnival comes to town, Jane seizes the opportunity to leave her dreary small-town life and signs on as a waitress at the carnival’s food stand. Eventually Jane becomes the mistress, and then wife, of the carnival owner. Though he’s a handsome guy, Jane’s real object of affection, or, more properly, lust, is Blackie (Lee Raymond), the guy…

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  • B Movies

    Top 10 Exploitation Films

    Faster, Pussycat! Kill!…Kill! (1965) – The Ultimate Exploitation Film! Trash cinema legend Russ Meyer wrote and directed this sexploitation masterpiece, about three beautiful and buxom Go-Go dancers, who go on a murderous rampage in the California desert. Its shot in glorious…

  • Older Movie Reviews

    10 Best Comedy Movie DVD Releases of 2010

    Sometimes blockbuster special effects action movies or 3D fantasy features don’t translate as well on smaller television screens. To get the full effect, you really have to watch them at the cinema. That’s one of the greatest aspects of comedy…