The Tate Movie Project has now shut

Even more amazing than ronnie could have imagined!

The TMP started as just an idea made by grownups, but every one of you have made it into something far more amazing than we could have imagined! Throughout the Tate Movie Project you have created over 20,000 movies, recorded almost 70,000 sounds and have made 53,000 animations! That’s a LOT of movie making! Between you you’ve also posted almost 200,000 comments (we know you like to chat!) and given 90,000 thumbs ups too. Thanks for your movie making and please carry on being creative on the websites below...

Well done to everyone who created their own final Tate Movie! They are all brilliant and you've made it very hard for us to pick the winners. But we are happy to announce the winners of our final challenge are...

Winner - The Best of Tate Movie by Lottie78
Runner up - My Tate Movie by Cookiegirl
Nice work everyone!

So what now?

Get inspired! Visit tate kids...

Tate Kids

Join the Tate Kids community to carry on sharing your super art work as well as entering competitions and playing fun games! We’ll also be moving your favourite Tate Movie features over to the Tate Kids site so you can carry on movie making, keep checking on this page for updates on the new tool!

Why not...Animate It!

Animate It!

Head over to Animate It! to learn more about stop-motion animation and get tips from Aardman animators! You’ll be able to have a look behind the scenes at the Aardman studios and win some great animation prizes too!

Click Here Join the Wallace & Gromit community! Wallace and Gromit logo

Take a visit to the Wallace & Gromit website to join fellow animation fans on the forums and take part in some cracking animation and art competitions!

We're creating a new tool to bring together your favourite Tate Movie studio tools
to live on the Tate Kids website. But for this we need your help! Look out for
requests below so you can help us make the new Tate Movie tool amazing.
Simply email us with your ideas for each request!

We need:

  • A new name for the tool, think weird and wonderful!

Do you want to save your movie?

The Tate Movie Gallery and Cinema will be kept open until Friday 11th of January for anyone who would like to save the animations and movies they have created on the TMP website. You can't download your movies directly from the website but you can easily record your work using screen capture software like CamStudio or on Mac, QuickTime.

Remember, moderation has now finished so you won’t be able to leave comments, but you will be able to save your favourite work!

Staff messages

  • Sarah the director says

    I wanted to write a message to thank you all for sharing with us your amazing story ideas and drawings and sounds on the Tate Movie Project. I learnt so much from you all and your drawings are stunning. It was the best job ever working with you to make the 'Itch of The Golden Nit' and you made me laugh, cry and beam with joy. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope that some of you will go on to be film makers, writers and artists in the future.
    Lots of love from Sarah

  • Dan the web director says

    Every so often an opportunity comes along that not only is exciting to do, but also feels that it will make some kind of difference, and that it really deserves to exist. The Tate Movie Project was this to me, and I'm unsure I'll ever get to work on something quite so beautiful again. As you can imagine we're really sad it has now come to an end, it means a lot to us. But if in its few years of existence it has inspired creation of a handful of future animators, film makers, scriptwriters and artists (which I'm sure it has) then I will leave smiling!
    Go and be amazing, Dan

  • Kirsten the community manager says

    Thank you to every single one of the Tate movie-makers! I can’t think of a better job than looking after all the amazing kids on the Tate Movie Project for the last 2 years. You’ve made us laugh, you’ve amazed us and you’ve inspired everyone who has worked on the project. I feel very lucky to have been able watch you all create brilliant movies, learn, grow and make great friends (whilst of course having lots of fun!). I’m sad to see the project end but this is outshone by how amazingly happy and proud I am to see so many budding artists, animators and storytellers from the TMP.
    Keep creating and keep smiling! Kirsten :)

  • Emma the art director says

    Hello hello you amazing children of the Tate Movie. Thank you HUGELY for all your hard work. l am very much in awe of the crazy and beautiful creations you sent in - not many grown ups have the talent you have (me included). Your ideas are so original, inspiring, funny and completely full of character. They have kept the production team grinning broadly, laughing loudly and with tears to our eyes from the start. I am so very proud to have been involved in the Tate Movie Project and to have worked with you all. It was my favourite ever job.
    Keep drawing! Emma x

  • Jane the super tate director says

    Wow, it's been amazing. I'm going to miss TMP and all your fantastic drawings, animations, stories and even the silly jokes.
    Don't stop creating! Jane